Mission, Vision and Value

Mission. CrypMix discovers creators and artists, makes their works NFT, and distributes CryptoArts globally through a fair and transparent marketplace, ultimately allowing more people to access art and share pleasure and capital gains through works. It aims to improve the quality of life of creators and writers through a strong royalty structure and professional management.

Vision. CrypMix connects creators and artists with NFT blockchain technology with outstanding ideas and technologies, contributing to the growth of the Crypto Economy in the future.

Value. CrypMix creates new value that has never existed before by launching high-quality NFT CryptoArts to the market through creative planning and teamwork, and ensures that the value generated through its sale can be reasonably shared among NFT owners, artists, CrypMix team, and other collaborators and contributors.


Overview and Features of CrypMix Platform


Comparative Analysis



Differentiation Strategy


CMX's governance Coin

CMX is a key coin applied to all crypto art projects conducted by CrypMix and is used as a means of exchange and storage of value in the CMX coin ecosystem. CMX holders will be able to participate in CMX’s crypto-art business by holding CMX. Users will enter the ecosystem through CMX, and artists, developers, gamers, and other users will have access to CMX’s crypto art products and solutions.

CMX’s ATO Customers who have purchased CMX can hold FT by participating in an Artist Token Offering (ATO) where a fixed number is issued for artists or artist teams through the CMX.


ATO(Artist Token Offering)

Build a fandom through ATO for each artist and support the artist's independent activity area and ecosystem
Building a participatory “fandom” through ATO by artist
Artist fans purchase $CMX through the exchange and then purchase Artist Token (utility-type token) through it. Artist tokens are associated with a specific artist and their quantity is limited, and artist tokens are used to safely conduct fan-related voting, ownership and membership of works, etc. through the block chain. ATO is a kind of event promotion that allows you to purchase tokens at a fixed price for a limited time. By purchasing tokens, fans can exercise their voting rights to make decisions on artist's work planning and collaboration. Opportunities for fan participation are granted, and token purchase opportunities are given to fans at a fixed price during the ATO period. Artist tokens have intrinsic value just like other digital assets, and prices fluctuate depending on market conditions.


Team & Advisors